Provo/Utah Valley Area Hiking Trails

Stewart Falls

Some of Utah's most popular mountain trails are found in the Provo/Utah valley area, including Mount Timpanogos, Mount Nebo and Stewart Falls. Below we provide information on these and other routes.

Battle Creek Falls Easy
There is a scenic waterfall on Battle Creek, a short distance up a canyon on the east side of the town of Pleasant Grove. The water falls in two ribbo...(more)

Devils Kitchen Easy
The Devils Kitchen is a scenic red rock "break" off the Nebo Scenic Loop. It offers pillars and other interesting rock formations. It somewh...(more)

Fifth Water Waterfalls and Hot Spring Easy
Three scenic waterfalls and some very nice hot springs are located along Fifth Water Creek, which is a tributary to the Diamond Fork River, east of Sp...(more)

Grotto Falls Easy
This hike leads to a very pretty little waterfall, located along the Nebo Loop Scenic Drive above the town of Payson. The trail is wide and easy, with...(more)

Mt Nebo Summit Strenuous
At 11928 feet, Nebo is the highest of the Wasatch peaks. (It is some 179 feet higher than the more famous Mt Timpanogos.) This is a strenuous hike....(more)

Mt Timpanogos Summit via Timpooneke Trail Strenuous
Mount Timpanogos is the impressive wall that dominates the landscape on the northeast side of Utah Valley. It is one of Utah’s most recognizable mou...(more)

Stewart Falls Easy
Stewart Falls is one of the most scenic, and photogenic, waterfalls in northern Utah. It falls in two tiers, and is over 200 feet tall. It is a modera...(more)

Timpanogos Cave Moderate
Timpanogos Cave National Monument includes an impressive cave system known for its colorfully decorated caverns. It is located in American Fork Canyon...(more)

Timpanogos Falls Easy
This hike goes to a scenic waterfall on the east side of Mt Timpanogos. It is an easy hike up a wide and well-maintained trail. The hike follows th...(more)

Y Trail on Y Mountain Moderate
An easy albeit steep trail runs from the east side of Provo up to the block Y on the mountain. It is a very popular "date" hike for college...(more)

Easy Easy Moderate Moderate Strenuous Strenuous

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