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Lovely alpine forests and pretty, drastic deserts. Sweet little towns and Great Salty Lakes. A state this enthralling can also be overwhelming. We’re here to help.

UTAH.COM IS…a one-stop adventure shop. We’ve collected all the photos, stories and insider info you need to plan the trip you’ll be talking about on your deathbed. No more bouncing between Pinterest, Yelp, local travel bureaus and robotic booking aggregators as you plan your trip — Utah.com lets you get inspired, sort out the details and even book your accommodations all in one spot.

UTAH.COM ISN'T…here to waste your time. We’ve crisscrossed the state dozens of times and we know the good from the best. We can point out the overhyped and overpriced, but we’re also not afraid to go on and on like a doting grandma about the things that deserve it. (Use the Kleenex in our watchband to wipe that lipstick off your cheek, Zion-in-January…)

So whether you’re planning a ski trip, a spa weekend or backpack through red rock. Whether you’re an adrenaline junky, schlepping the fam-damily or touring on an artificial-hip…

We got you.

Here are a few ways to navigate the site, explore the state and see more Utah. Read more...




Gothic Grandeur

If the erosion of Southern Utah had a gothic period, Bryce Canyon National Park would be its Notre Dame.

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It's always sunny in St. George

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Top 3 Family Fall Destinations

If you're into fall foliage & things kids love

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Red Cliffs Lodge

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Hotels & Lodging

Don't sleep on the hoodoos

Try Ruby's Inn, just down the road


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The first tab you’ll find in the menu at the top of the page is DESTINATIONS. Go here to explore Utah locations in broad terms — state/national parks, resorts, cities, etc. This is where you remotely research all your Point B’s.

Here’s where you drill down into specifics with a categorical breakdown of Utah’s events, attractions, guides and outdoor recreation. This is where you find your next favorite hike, for example.

For those about to trek, we support you. Transportation tips, weather info, maps, guides & rentals, plus a handy cache of pre-planned itineraries. This is where you sort out the nitty-gritty, easy-peasy.

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