Emerald Pools – Upper

Zion Hiking Trails

Trail Head: 37.250714, -112.959553
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3 miles roundtrip

The Upper Pool is the pinnacle of Zion's Emerald Pools system. At only 1.5 miles long—one way—the Upper Pool is not a long hike. However, it climbs 250 feet in elevation in that short span, requiring scrambling and stream-crossing skill, as well as able lungs and a strong heart. At the Upper Pool, you can enjoy views of the crystal waters, and catch scenic vistas of Cathedral Mountain, Lady Mountain, and Red Arch Mountain.

Emerald Pools Trailhead

(37.250714, -112.959553)

To reach the upper pool, first hike the trail to the Middle Pool. Cross to the east side of the stream and then look for a dirt path ascending the hill to the Upper Pool. The path is clearly visible. It is steep but not too strenuous.

Upper Pool

(37.257671, -112.966704)

The Upper Pool is harder to reach than the other two, though worth the extra time that it will take to visit. Waterfalls, fast and powerful during the runoff months, add to the breathtaking backdrop of Zion Canyon.

Lower Pool

(37.257089, -112.962581)

Shaded by cottonwoods and other riverside greenery, the Lower Pool trail winds through one of Zion’s many hidden paradises, leading to a startlingly gorgeous canyon sanctuary.

Middle Pools

(37.257344, -112.96318)

The Middle Pools are situated between the Lower and the Upper Pools, exploring yet another level of the exquisite Zion waterway.

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