Stewart Falls

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Trail Head: 40.4043, -111.605
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Easy
Length: About 3.5 miles out and back

Stewart Falls is one of the most scenic and photogenic waterfalls in northern Utah. It falls in two tiers and is over 200 feet tall. It is a moderate hike through a beautiful forest on the east side of Mt Timpanogos.

The trail is well-marked and easy to follow. The descent from the ridge down to the base of the falls is quite steep (youngsters should be held in check at that point) but this is a great family hike. Summer is a good time to make the trek, and fall is even better because colored leaves are magnificent.

Some snowshoe to the falls during winter.

Aspen Grove

(40.4043, -111.605)

The recommended trail starts at Aspen Grove, along the Alpine Loop Road. Several trails start here so pay attention to the signs. The Stewart Fall trail is easy to find. It is wide and well-maintained.

Base of Falls

(40.3863, -111.604)

From Aspen Grove, the trail meanders southwest to the ridge above the falls, providing fantastic viewpoints all along the way. From the ridge you can clearly see the falls. But don't stop there. Follow the steep trail down the ridge to the base of the falls. On a hot summer day it is fun to get right into the waterfall spray. It is ice cold and feels great.

Sundance Resort

(40.392, -111.578)

Guests at Sundance Resort can hike to the waterfall via a shorter trail from the chalets. Ask directions to ascertain the route from where you will be staying.

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