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Zion Guru

Everyone can be a guru while hiking, canyoneering, rock climbing and exploring Zion National Park.

Guided Activities

Zion Narrows Tour

Tours starting at $100 per


Starting at $105 per

Rock Climbing

Starting at $105 per

Photography Workshops

Group Tours starting at $2385

Yoga Hikes

Starting at $79!


Zion National Park Guided Tours

Zion Canyoneering

We offer four different canyoneering quests. The first is 'Adventure' where you'll be canyoneering with ropes and rappels. The second is 'Elevated' which is a high adventure and you'll be canyoneering with ropes. The third is 'Courses' where you'll canyoneer with rope and work on developing your rappelling skills. Last but not least is 'Discover' where you'll canyoneer in remote, exclusive and high- adventure locations.

Zion Rock Climbing

Rock climb for a half-day, full-day or multiple days. The half-day tour is four hours with climbs from 40 to 100 feet. The difficulty level ranges from easy to challenging. A full day consists of seven hours of belaying, climbing, and rappelling. If a full day isn't enough for you, our multi-day trip is two to five days long. You'll climb new terrain each day and see your skill and confidence level grow each day.

Zion Narrows Tour

The Zion Narrows is a bottom-up hike and can be self-guided or guided with Zion Guru. This is a private tour where you'll venture beyond the Riverside Walk as far as the junction with Orderville Canyon. This trip is about five to six miles round trip.

Yoga Hikes

Take a morning yoga hike or a private yoga hike. The morning yoga hikes are 2.5 hours long with hiking near the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. The hike offers physical and meditative movement with spectacular views. The hike is 30 minutes each way with 30 to 45 minutes dedicated to yoga practice. For private yoga hikes, there are greater flexibility with start times, locations and yoga practices. Private hikes are about three to four hours long.


Photography Workshops

This photo workshop covers travel photography, landscape, lighting and action photography that will strengthen your outdoor photography skills and personal vision. Workshops are offered for two or four days. You can also have one-on-one instruction or a private group photo instruction tour. Private instruction is ideal for intermediate and advanced photographers and is ten hours long.

Aerial Arts Workshops

Take an aerial art workshop and communicate through yoga and acrobatics on suspended silks. These workshops are great for newcomers and intermediate performers in a two or three-day intensive workshop setting. LEARN MORE →

Trailhead Shuttles

Many of the hiking and canyoneering trips in Zion are best done as one-way journeys. We can pick you up at the end of your journey and drive you back to your car or we'll meet you at your destination where you'll leave your car and we'll drive you to the departure trailhead. LEARN MORE →

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