Zion Canyon Trail Rides at Jacobs Ranch

Zion Canyon Trail Rides at Jacobs Ranch can promise you their rides are the most exciting, adventurous, and informative adventures guaranteed, or it's free!

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(435) 216-0719
530 State Route 9
Virgin, UT 84779

Zion Canyon Trail Rides will take you through some of the most breathtaking scenery. Touring rivers, streams and mountainous trails. Guaranteed to be the most exciting, adventurous horseback trip you will ever take.


Horseback Rides in Zion
Learn the language of horses so there is no communication barrier between you and your horse. You'll learn the personality of the horses and get to choose which one you'd like to take for a ride.

Cowboy Camp
This is a very unique experience. You will take your horse to the round pen. A 50 ft diameter training pen where you will learn to work your horse. You will learn to direct your horse, speed em up, slow em down, change directions. Once you have mastered the basics, you will then learn that horses like to play. Much like dogs and other domestic animals, horses like to have fun too.



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