Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas

The best part of your vacation! - Offering guided day hikes with llamas and overnight treks in Capitol Reef National Park. Our extraordinary hiking adventures offer an experience you and your family will never forget.

2600 East Hwy 24
Torrey, UT 84775

Go Farther. Stay Longer. Hike Harder. That's the motto of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas. Plan a day, overnight or multi-day trip and enjoy the best and easiest way to explore Capitol Reef.

Day Hikes

Highlights - Desert Day Hikes

  • A firsthand look at an entire PETRIFIED FOREST!
  • Trusty llama companions to carry our food and hiking gear.
  • Exclusive access to the western edge of the Water Pocket Fold of Capitol Reef National Park.
  • Great hiking to the outdoor amphitheater and Famous Red Bluff overlook.
  • A great introduction to hiking with well-trained llamas and great photography opportunities.
  • Explore archeological artifacts, and Gypsum veins or strikes and look for crystals.
  • An in-depth interpretation of the geology, flora, and fauna of the unique landscape.
  • The best of backcountry cuisine in a refreshing wilderness picnic setting.

Highlights - Alpine Forest Day Hikes

  • Great Fishing (we can provide the gear)
  • Tremendous photography opportunities
  • Lake swimming.
  • Gourmet lunch catered for you (picnic style)
  • Hard working llama companions to carry our loads
  • Meadows, Wildflowers, and various wildlife viewing opportunities

About Day Hikes
Day trips in the Capitol Reef area offer many hiking options for serious backpackers, hikers, walkers and for anyone who likes exploring and relaxing in secluded areas. If you thought hiking with people was fun, wait until you try it with llamas. Hiking with Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas gives you private access to the western slopes of the Water Pocket Fold of Capitol Reef National Park. With this exclusive access, you'll have the entire place to yourself. You'll also explore the headwaters of Sulphur Creek, Red Bluff Canyon or the Amphitheater below Cooks Mesa and Meeks Mesa.
The guides tailor each llama adventure based on what you want. Hike, explore, relax, take photos, eat a hearty meal, and hike anywhere from one hour to a full day. Guides can also tell you all about the unique geology and archeology of the area along with any questions about your llama companion.

Day Hike Choices
The Jaunt – 1 Hour Llama Hike - View Full Itinerary
The Traveler – 2 Hour Llama Hike - View Full Itinerary
The Explorer – 4 Hour Llama Hike - View Full Itinerary
The Sightseer – Full Day Llama Hike - View Full Itinerary
The Vacationer – Full Day Llama Hike - View Full Itinerary

Overnight Llama Treks


  • Journey with us into an amazing petrified forest
  • Discover fossils as we hike in and out of many ancient washes
  • Partake in our top-rated backcountry cuisine
  • Enjoy first-rate interpretation of the flora and fauna from our experienced guides
  • Camp on the shores of two beautiful lakes, enjoy a nice swim or try your hand at fishing
  • Fully guided, catered, and supported by our pack llama team.
  • Section of the famous Great Western Trail and adjacent trails. The Great Western Trail is historic cross-country route that spans 4,455 miles through Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona

About Overnight Llama Treks:
Enjoy gourmet cooked meals, cozy campfires and stunning sunsets in Capitol Reef National Park. Your trek will be tailored to your timeframe, ability level, and interest. The llamas will make your hiking extremely easy as they carry your hiking gear, water, food and camping gear for you. Overnight treks allow you to hike with the llamas into Red Bluff Canyon, Sulphur Creek Overlook, Cooks Mesa and Meeks Mesa.

Looking for some adventure? Then The Great Western Trail is for you. The GWT is a 3,000-mile backcountry route from Canada to Mexico. You'll get to explore the rich history of one of the most remote stretches of the Great Western Trail and camp next to spring-fed mountain lakes each night. The trek includes climbing peaks that are 11,000 feet high and overlooking the National Park & Henry Mountain Range from the Boulder Mountain Rim.

Overnight Trek Choices
Twin Lakes – 2 or 3-day Llama Trek - View Full Itinerary→
Capitol Reef Mesa – 2 or 3-day Llama Trek - View Full Itinerary→
Boulder Rim – 3 or 4-day Llama Trek - View Full Itinerary→
The Great Western Trail – 6-day Llama Trek - View Full Itinerary→

Custom Treks


  • Sleep under the vivid desert sky (one of the worlds few dark skies left) It is truly amazing
  • Discover fossils as we hike in and out of many ancient washes
  • Partake in our top-rated backcountry cuisine
  • Enjoy first-rate interpretation of the flora and fauna from our experienced guides
  • Soak up rejuvenation scenery and solitude
  • Fish for the famous Boulder MT Tiger Trout & use of our inflatable rafts
  • Custom trip itinerary built just for you and your group
  • Everything is provided for you

About Custom Treks
A backcountry is a place of wonder and majesty. There is always more history to explore, new things to learn and experiences to share. Utah has some of the most diverse and contrasting landscapes in the world. We are luckily enough to offer some of our favorite personal trips to you. When we visit new places we always ask the locals "what is the coolest thing to see that no one else knows about". Often, we find those hidden gems that few folks know about or get to see. We are now offering up those hidden gems to our guest that we have discovered over the years. You only live life once and we want to share these wild places and adventures with you.

From our fishing expeditions to our Star Gazer trip, ADVENTURE WAITS. If you would like to book a custom trip please give us a call, we have a few other select trip offerings and can mix and match any of the trips you see and even some that you don't see. Your vacation is special to you, so we will make it special to us and make every effort to help you get what you are looking for. We look forward to our adventure together.

Custom Trek Choices
Utah Star Gazing – 2-day Llama Trek - View Full Itinerary→
Best of Utah – 2-day Llama Trek - View Full Itinerary→
Fishing Expedition –1, 2 or 3-day Llama Trek - View Full Itinerary→


Review #1

We took the 4-hour llama hike offered at the Capital Reef Resort in Torrey Utah. The hike was excellent from the resort up onto a nearby mesa with spectacular views along the way. Our guide Rusty was knowledgeable and a genuinely good guy. He provided lots of information about the llamas and local geography as well as provided a great trail snack on the mesa. The llamas were gentle and sweet, always willing to do the hike to the mesa and back. It was a great opportunity to get to know llamas and see some sites outside the Capital Reef national park. Highly recommended!

Review #2

Our family of four (two adults and 12- and 10-year-old kids) went on a four-hour hike near Capitol Reef with guide Rusty and the llamas. I'd say it was the highlight of our 10-year-old's time in Utah, and mine as well! The llamas were fun, cute, and much-appreciated for carrying water, the delicious lunch spread that Rusty arranged, seats, their own snacks, etc. (I don't know why it never occurred to me before exactly how fun it is to hike without having to carry anything other than a lead rope.) And Rusty was a terrific guide: interesting, knowledgeable, and, as importantly, just a very enjoyable person to spend time with.

Review #3

Our guide was Jess - she took us out for a 1-2 hour trek at sunset over Capitol Reef. We met her by chance at the restaurant the night before and she took us out on her day off. She was great with the kids and the llamas. The short trek was just enough time to experience these amazingly strong yet gentle animals. The sunset was beautiful. But Jess really made the experience memorable. Highly recommended!

Review #4

The Llama excursion at the Capitol Reef Resort is one of the best excursions I’ve ever taken my family on. Our guide Rusty not only explained the geography and history of the area, but he also was sensitive to each of our abilities for the hike/tour. I would recommend to anyone the half day (4 hour) hike that includes a tour into the canyons and a nice lunch of organic foods! This is a one of a kind and most unique tours anyone can take all within a back drop of beautiful scenery. And jump on this before they get wise and realize they are not charging enough!!"
-Greg Huff

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