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Our Adventures

LeadNorth American T-6 Flights
Cadet Adventure
Start off with a simulated military flight training briefing & then jump in the plane and fly over Mt. Timpanogos, Sundance, and the Provo River for 20 minutes.

Fight Lead-In Adventure
Take a 30 minute flight over Little & Big Cottonwood Canyon, American Fork Canyon, and Mt. Timpanogos.

Ace Adventure
For a full 45 minutes, fly over the entire Wasatch front from Heber to Park City, Downtown SLC, the canyons, and Mt. Timpanogos.

Pitts Special Flights
E-Ticket Adventure
Be in awe of the view over Mt. Timpanogos and the famous Sundance resort for 20 minutes.

G-Junkie Adventure
Take in the views of Park City, Olympic park, and surrounding resorts and then get hands on with whatever aerobatic maneuvers suit your fancy for 30 minutes.

Barnstormer Adventure
This one's a sight seeing flight with a full aerobatic routine like the one’s you see at air shows that lasts 45 minutes.

Stearman Biplane Flights
Fam Flight
For 15 minutes, feel just like the young men & women who were selected for pilot training with this Familiarization Flight.

Navigator Trip
Want to be in charge? Then take the controls and learn some introductory aerobatics for 30 minutes!

This 45 minute flight gives you plenty of time to see everything!

Beech 18 Flights
Wasatch Adventure
Enjoy 20 minutes of flying along the back side of the Wasatch Mountains and immersing yourself in the views of Park City, Olympic Park, Sundance, and Mt. Timpanogos.

Explorer Adventure
Explore the mountain peaks along the Wasatch range between Park City and Sundance while endulging your eyes in the beautiful resorts and canyons for half an hour.

High Roller Adventure
Venture over every major landmark in the greater Salt Lake area and receive a complimentary video of the 45-minute adventure.

Our Aircraft

T6 Texan
Twin Beech
Pitts Biplane
Stearman Biplane

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