Rental Cars in Utah

To truly experience Utah, consider renting a car and cruising around to see all of the incredible sights.

Major Roads

Interstate-15 slices through Utah, north to south, from Idaho to Arizona. Interstate-80 crosses the northern part of the state from Wyoming, running west into Nevada. Interstate-84 runs northwest toward Idaho from Echo Junction near the Wyoming border. US-6 / US-191 is the major route through the eastern and southeastern portions of the state. Interstate-70 runs west from Colorado to a junction with I-15 in central Utah. US-666 enters Utah's southeastern corner from southern Colorado and joins US-191.

Welcome Centers

For the convenience of visitors traveling the state by vehicle, Utah has five gateway Welcome Centers. They are located just off freeway exits at key entry points to the state and provide free travel information, restrooms, and pay phones.

I-15 south bound near Brigham City in Northern Utah
I-80 west bound near Echo Junction in Northern Utah
I-15 north bound near St. George in Southwestern Utah
I-70 west bound near Thompson Springs in Southeastern Utah
US-40 in Jensen (near Vernal) in Northeastern Utah

Utah Laws

Driver License Requirements:

The minimum driving age in Utah is 16 years old. All drivers must have a valid driver's license. Visitors must have a current driver's license and be at least 16.

Speed Limits:

On most highways the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, particularly in urban areas. Speed limits increase to 65 or 75 on Interstate highways, and 65 miles per hour on most state highways. These increased speeds are allowed only where posted. Transition zones from one speed limit to another are indicated with pavement markings and additional signs.

Turning Right on a Red Light:

Right turns are allowed on a red light after the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

Helmet Use and Seat Belt Laws:

The driver of a car, front seat passenger, and all children under ten years old are required by Utah law to use seat belts. Children under the age of two are required to be in federally approved safety seats. Helmet use is mandatory for motorcyclists and passengers under the age of 18.
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