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If Southern Utah seceded, St. George would be its capital. It's the biggest city down south, buffered from the north by a statewide swath of treacherous(ly beautiful) red rock, and it would likely find some allies in its desert climates, Las Vegas and Arizona. Read more...



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But let's hope that never happens, because Utah's a whole lot more interesting with St George in it. It's more perfect as a union, you could say. Northerners whose feet are always cold like to take their winters down there, where temperatures are a full 15° F warmer than in the Wasatch Mountains, and quite a few get so distracted golfing they forget to go home. A dozen courses paint green swaths smack dab in the middle of black lava rock, blue mountains and Zionic red rock. Then there's, you know, Zion itself, Utah's most popular national park . And lakes, and Tuacahn, and great estate sales.

This is a land that knows no off season and no limits to things to do.



38F 17F Average Temperature
1.5" Avg. Precipitation (inches)
17.1" Avg. Snowfall (inches)
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