Outdoor Recreation

Most of Utah lies on a plateau higher than 4,000 feet above sea level. The geology of this region takes on an amazing variety of shapes and colors.

Elevations rise and fall dramatically in the shape of mountains, buttes, and plateaus, the highest reaching over 13,000 feet. Within this varied landscape are hidden treasures and experiences that appeal to everyone — from the rugged, solitude-seeking explorer to the family wanting a relaxing getaway. Oh yeah, and there's something to do in all four seasons.



Greater Zion

A lifetime of outdoor adventure


Adventure at every turn

ATV back country

Utah's Trail Country

Park City

Summers favorite outdoor adventure town


Adventure at every turn

East Zion Adventures

Adventure in East Zion

Rockin' R

Ranch & Guides


Adventure at every turn

Bear River Lodge

ATV and Snowmobile Rentals

Play with the real locals

Red Fleet State Park

Lake Powell 2.0

Tushar Mountains

Campgrounds, hiking, & biking

Bears Ears

In all it's glory

Play outdoors

In Utah's little Switzerland - Heber


Travel Tips

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