The Advenire: A Historically Hip St. George Hotel

Aug 12, 2020
By: Mo Edwards

Thinking about a visit to historic St. George? Well, there’s a new hotel in town that just might churn your butter. The Advenire is a boutique-chic inn with an heirloom heart and a modern soul. It’s part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection, so you know it has top-notch amenities with a local flair. It’s new, it’s old, it’s a helluva good time. Where else in St. George can you evoke the pioneer spirit while sipping a craft cocktail on the balcony?

Situated in historic downtown, the building itself is an eclectic homage to the first Mormon settlers. The red sandstone foundation and white stucco exterior fit right in with the surrounding 150-year-old architecture. In the lobby, a rammed-earth wall is layered with sediments from St. George and Greater Zion. Every room feels like home especially if your home has 1860’s style handmade furniture, airy windows, and a hot tub on the roof.

The heart of the hotel is Wood•Ash•Rye, The Advenire’s bar, and restaurant. The menu is farm to table, from locally sourced pork sausage to seasonal vegetables. The decor is beautiful: modern touches with the rich textures of the Old West. Sit at a farm table and eat with the family or down some shots at the bar in honor of Utah moonshiner Porter Rockwell.

Grab a warm almond croissant from the in-house bakery before you head out on the town. You can’t walk far before you find something old. Ancestors Square is chock full of original stone cabins and homes that are now shops and restaurants. If your kids can’t be bothered, take them to Town Square and ride the carousel or play in the splash pad. They won’t even notice when you slip away for some hardcore vintage shopping.

If you need to get out of civilization, go back to The Advenire and fill your pants with more croissants for the drive to Zion National Park. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and cannot be missed. The next day (more croissants in pants please, you’ll thank me later) head over to Snow Canyon State Park for hiking or biking. Really, you can do anything because at the end of the day you’re staying at The Advenire, the only four-star hotel in St. George, and you have the pioneer spirit to try new things while remembering an old way of life.

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