Cache Valley - Snowmobile

Located in extreme northern Utah, the Cache Valley snowmobile trails are known for their variety, scenery, snow conditions and grooming. Also contributing to the high ranking was the fact that Cache Valley serves to connect Utah routes with Idaho's extensive trail system, which extends from the Bear Lake Valley up into the Yellowstone area. Adventurous sledders can ride almost forever.

Trails around Monte Cristo, Hardware Ranch, Tony Grove and Logan Canyon are very popular. They are groomed and provide excellent riding conditions through canyons, up mountains and into bowls and play areas.

Spurs provide access to lesser-known areas and backcountry, where the powder is pure white and extremely deep.

Some trails take riders all the way to Bear Lake, where they find excellent sledding conditions on the Utah side and connecting trails heading into the far north.

Snowmobile stats

Elevation: 6,500-10,000
Prime Season: December-May
Snowfall: 400 inches
Miles of Groomed Trails: 185 miles
Nearby Towns: Logan, Smithfield, Garden City, Hyrum

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