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Alta, an independent ski area and family-owned since 1938. Alta is proud to be a ski area and not a ski resort. Nestled at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon deep in the Wasatch mountains, Alta is known around the globe for its powder skiing. With an annual snowfall average of 547” powder days is a way of life here. It’s a magnetic way of life that draws the same employees and guests back to Alta’s community each winter.
Come for the skiing. Stay for the skiing.


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Alta Ski Area Overview

Alta takes skiing seriously. No frills - just the best snow Utah has to offer! In fact, Alta offers several ski-in ski-out restaurants and a rental shop! Snowboarding is not permitted here.

At Alta, a variety of awesome terrain and snow conditions provide skiing opportunities for every level of skier, including beginners. Families can enjoy the slopes together no matter their ability or expertise. More uniquely, Alta has teamed up with Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort to enable skiers to have access to double the terrain, which means more fun for everyone.

Alta is located 25 miles southeast of Salt Lake City at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, State Highway 210, approximately 45 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport.

At a Glance
• Terrain: 15% Beg., 30% Int., 55% Adv.
• Open 9:15 A.M. — 4:30 P.M.
• Base Elevation: 8,530 ft. (2,600m)
• Summit Elevation: 11,068 ft. (2,600m)
• Skiable Acres: 2,614
• 116+ Runs
• 547" Average Annual Snowfall
• Little Cottonwood Canyon, 45 minutes from Salt Lake City or Park City



38F 17F Average Temperature
1.5" Avg. Precipitation (inches)
17.1" Avg. Snowfall (inches)

Resort Information

  • Runs

    Runs: 6 lifts. 116+ runs

    Our Favorite Alta Runs

    Albion & Sunnyside Lifts

    Patsey Marley (Green - Easy)
    Sunnyside (Green - Easy)
    Blue Bell (Blue - Intermediate)
    Vail Ridge (Black Diamond - Technical)

    Supreme Lift

    Upper Big Dipper (Blue - Intermediate)
    Rock N' Roll (Blue - Intermediate)
    Hammer Head (Black Diamond - Technical)
    Spiney Chutes Area (Black Diamond - Technical)
    Running Dog Nose (Black Diamond - Technical)

    Sugarloaf Lift

    Little Dipper (Blue - Intermediate)
    Devil's Elbow ( Blue - Intermediate)
    Rollercoaster (Blue - Intermediate)
    Extrovert (Black Diamond - Technical)

    Collins Lift

    Mambo (Blue - Intermediate)
    Ballroom Traverse (Blue - Intermediate)
    Strawberry (Blue - Intermediate)
    Annie's (Black Diamond - Technical)
    Hourglass Chute (Black Diamond - Technical)

    Wildcat Lift

    Meadow (Blue - Intermediate)
    Corkscrew (Blue - Intermediate)
    Nina's Curve (Black Diamond - Technical)
    Blitz (Black Diamond - Technical)
    Punch Bowl (Black Diamond - Technical)

    View Resort Map

  • Food & Lodging


    Some days you just want a bucket of fries. Other days you resolve for veggies galore. And some nights, you just want something fancy. Oh, well, you can have all of these--even at one sitting if you like. Patio seating too? Absolutely. Breathing mountain air while eating has been proven to help digestion--according to Josh, the Vermont-born-and-raised ski-a-holic that's dishing up your black bean burger. You'll never have to come down off the mountain with all of your yummy options. View All Alta Dining Options

    On the Slopes

    Albion Grill
    Alf's Restaurant
    Alta Java
    Watson Shelter
    Collins Grill

    On Tap

    Alta Peruvian Lodge Bar
    Baldy Brews
    Goldminer's Saloon
    The Gulch Pub
    Rustler Lodge Eagle's Nest
    Sitzmark Club

    Night Out

    Alta Lodge Dining Room
    Alta Peruvian Lodge Dining Room
    Alta's Rustler Lodge Dining Room
    Shallow Shaft Restaurant
    Swen’s Restaurant. Lodge guests and non-lodge guest can dine at Swen’s Restaurant. Reservations are preferred.
    Please note - only lodge guests can dine at the Alta Lodge, Alta Rustler Lodge, Alta Peruvian Lodge and Goldminers Lodge.

    Alta Lodging

    Don't worry. You have a million lodging options (well, it feels like a million). But you'll want to reserve your favorites early on in the season before someone beats you to the punch and enjoys all of your favorite beds, views, and access.
    Choose from:
    Alta Lodge
    Alta Peruvian Lodge
    Alta's Rustler Lodge
    Goldminer's Daughter Lodge
    Snowpine Lodge
    See a full list of lodging options here.

  • Rentals

    If you're thinking of hauling all of your ski gear onto a plane or in the back of your vehicle, you might want to reconsider all that hassle. Just throw your red one-piece ski suit into your bag, a turtle neck for evenings out, and voila! You're all set to breeze into Salt Lake City without the hassle of bulky boot bags and lost luggage.
    But, really. Here's where you can find out how to get all your gear ready and waiting for you. Check out the Alta Ski Shop for all of your rental and retail needs.

    Alta Rental Shops

  • Transportation

    From Salt Lake International Airport

    Head east on I-80 for 2.7 miles.
    Then merge onto I-215 to UT-210 E/E Hwy 210/ E Little Cottonwood Road/Little Cottonwood Road. 22.5 miles.
    Follow UT-210/Little Cottonwood Road to Alta. 8.5 miles.

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