SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Touch, feel, SEA to believe!

The SeaQuest Aquarium is an interactive aquarium for the entire family. Experience thousands of species and interactive exhibits at the Layton Hills Mall 'Seaquest Aquarium.'

While you play in Utah, discover the rest of the world and learn about sea life, rainforest reptiles, tropical birds, vast desert species and much more. Get up-close and personal as you feed and interact with over 300 species and 1,500 animals from every corner of the globe. Learn more about our planet, as well as create long lasting memories the whole family will treasure.

Discover SeaQuest

Swim with the Stingrays
Fish Spa
Amazon Rainforest
California Coast
Creatures of Light
Mayan Jungle
The Boardwalk
Shark Lagoon
Caribbean Cove
Egyptian Desert
Pirate Ship
Meet the Mermaids
Gift Shop

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