Scenic Drives in Utah

Get the low down on the best scenic drives in Utah

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Nebo Loop


Boulder Mountain


Highway 12


Logan Canyon


Alpine Loop


Some fairly recent neuroscience research suggests that humans’ prefrontal cortex — the rational part of the brain — isn’t fully developed until age 25. (Vince the intern, we are looking at you 👀)

Of course, everyone’s brain develops at its own speed, and 25 is just the average. The only way to be sure someone’s prefrontal cortex is officially well done is if they’ll go on a drive to see fall leaves. When you’re a teen, making decisions amygdala-first, you’re too wise and cynical for boring old nature. “Ew. Why would I want to see dead leaves? I’ve seen red before. Ew .” (Plus you’re probably too busy waiting by the phone, desperate for Jonny or Becky to snap back)

But if you’re old and lame enough to appreciate the subtle mystery of entropic beauty, Utah has a road for you.

Just be careful: Fall colors like this might melt your prefrontal cortex.

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