Sandthrax Slot Canyon

This slot canyon and canyoneering route is in a class of its own. It is not for beginners, intermediates, or even advanced canyoneers. This route is for the advanced-advanced canyoneers with uber-technical canyoneering skills to navigate it. If you aren’t familiar with difficult off-width and stem large silos, or high stemming, in general, this is not the slot canyon for you.

Location: near North Wash, UT
Trail Type: Canyoneering
Length: 3–6 hours
Difficulty: Very difficult
Longest rappel: 30 meters



From Hanksville, head south on Highway 95 towards Hite. At about milepost 28.2, you’ll see a side road on the left that leads to a large camping area and the Sandthrax trailhead.
From the Sandthrax campsite, follow the dirt road south toward the more isolated campsites and then follow the wash. Climb out on the left and climb the slickrock toward the rim of the canyon. Contour up the canyon until it is easy to walk down to the bottom of Sandthrax.
Again, make sure you are a very experienced canyoneer and have a team of experienced canyoneers with you. Check the weather before heading out. If there is a chance of rain, do not enter the canyon: there may be a chance of flash flooding.

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