Salt Lake Solved The Problems of Ski Transportation

Dec 27, 2017
By: Chad Taylor & Jake Wilhelmsen

Salt Lake thinks accessing downhill skiing shouldn’t be an uphill battle.

Salt Lake is home to four of the best ski resorts. Wouldn’t it be a shame to travel here and only get to experience one? In Salt Lake you can ski a different resort each day. Proximity to the city and convenient, affordable transportation options help Salt Lake live up to its moniker: Ski City.

You see, it’s easy to get around Salt Lake, up its canyons, and to/from its airport. Here’s a guide to getting here, getting around here and getting some serious pow time while you’re here.

From the Airport

SLC – Courtesy Salt Lake International Airport

SLC International is a lovely place, as airports go. But you want to spend as little time there as possible. You want to land, grab your bags/skis/Starbucks and get to the resorts. No joke, it only takes 45 minutes. Here are three ways to get from baggage claim to the lift lines.

Trax to the Ski Bus: From the airport you can jump on Trax (Utah’s light rail system) to the Ski Bus that takes eager skiers like you up the canyons to the resorts. If you buy a Super Pass, the Ski Bus is free. If not, fees are affordable (under $5.00).

Ski Bus

Rental Car: If you don’t like public transportation (even though Salt Lake’s is amazing), you can always rent a car. Just be careful with the weather, especially if you’re coming from a place that doesn’t snow. Driving in the snow takes a little practice and springing for 4WD might be a good idea.

Rideshare: Plenty of Uber and Lyft drivers are equipped to take you and your gear from the airport to the resorts — a better idea the more people you’re traveling with.

Hotel Shuttles: If you want to head to the hotel first, many downtown hotels offer free shuttles from the airport. Easy peasy.

From the City

Downtown Salt Lake

This is where the “ski a different resort each day” claim comes into play. Each of the four resorts is just 20 minutes from downtown. You can take Trax to the Ski Bus, or drive your rental car to the resort (though we recommend parking at the mouth of the canyon and riding the bus from there). Bottom line is, you’re not going to spend a lot of time traveling, burning your daylight and enthusiasm. Show up 30 minutes after you woke up, fresh as the powder and ready to shred.

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