Rock Climbing in Utah

Rock climbing in Utah is home to some of the most classic and challenging routes in the world. From Super Crack in Indian Creek to the China Wall up Logan Canyon to Castleton Tower in Moab. Little Cottonwood Canyon's granite slabs thrill beginners to professionals. So grab your cams, draws, harnesses and ropes. Read more...



Climb On!

For those rare times when you aren't hanging from a rock, hang in Salt Lake City

Indian Creek

Indian Creek Trad Climbing

Joes Valley Bouldering

Utah's Gift to the Climbing World

Over 1,500 Routes

Climb in 50 areas with 1,500 routes all in one state

Where & When to Camp

Spoiler: anywhere, any time



Utah's big walls are famous and attract serious climbers from around the world. We also offer a multitude of smaller cliffs that make excellent climbs, including some that are ideal for beginners. Places like Zion National Park, Moab, Indian Creek, Maple Canyon and the Wasatch Front canyons offer a wide variety of climbing opportunities.

Utah is also well known for bouldering, with excellent spots scattered around the state, from Joe's Valley to Ibex.

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