Utah River Rafting
Packing List

Most outfitters will provide waterproof bags (dry bags) for you to pack these items in.


Hats: one wool cap, one for sun shade
Long pants-for hiking & sun protection
Shoes: camp,hiking boots, river sandals or tennis
Socks: hiking, wool or synthetic to wear with river shoes
Gloves-wool or fleece
Jacket, sweater or sweatshirt
Rain gear-top & bottom
Shorts-synthetic fabric is best
Synthetic long underwear-top & bottom
Shirts: long sleeves, tee


Camera (waterproof model best)
Flashlight w/extra batteries & bulbs
Insect repellent
Paddling gloves if kayaking, canoeing or paddle rafting
Sunglasses with retainer leach
Sunscreen-SPF 15 or higher

Personal Items

Hand lotion/moisturizer
Medicines or prescriptions
Shampoo (biodegradable)
Towel (small)
Lip balm
Personal hygiene kit
Soap (biodegradable)

Suggested Optional Items

Day pack or belt pack (for side canyon hikes)
Journal notebook
River guidebook

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