Utah River Rafting Day & Multi-Day Trips

A multi-day whitewater rafting trip on any of Utah's rivers is guaranteed to be incredible! Trips range from two days to eight days long, and can be run on calm, scenic waters, or on raging rapids sure to take your breath away! Utah's professional guides take care of all the details, ensuring that safety, comfort, and adventure are a major part of any trip. No matter what you're looking for in a multi-day river trip, you'll find it on one of Utah's rivers! Read more...



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Guided multi-day trips are great for family vacations or corporate retreats. Besides a few of the packing essentials like clothing, everything is provided for you. You don't even need to be afraid to bring along your camera because your guide will let you borrow wet bags and ammo cans to keep your belongings safe. Aside from the spectacular Utah scenery, the food will blow you away. Some guides employ chefs to plan menus. This is not your father's camp food.

Trips range from two or three days to six or seven. The class of rapid also varies from class I (focusing on scenery rather than whitewater) to class V (extremely difficult). Of course, water level and time of year also play a part.

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