Provo Freedom Festival

And other 4th of July celebrations

Patriotism runs high in Utah and our Fourth of July celebrations rival the best anywhere. Every community in the state hosts some kind of celebration; most offer parades, patriotic programs, fireworks, pancake breakfasts and other festivities. Visitors are always welcome to join in the fun.

Stadium of Fire, presented by America's Freedom Festival at Provo, is one of the largest and most impressive July Fourth celebrations in America. It is a multi-day extravaganza climaxing on the Fourth with a patriotic program, top-name entertainers and a huge fireworks display.

Ogden City also has an impressive celebration, called the Hot Rock'n Fourth. It includes a variety of activities, professional entertainment, a program and spectacular fireworks.

Professional fireworks are visible in virtually every community in the state the evening of the Fourth.

Many kinds of fireworks can be purchased at area stores and fireworks stands, for private use. Larger, more dangerous fireworks are prohibited in Utah. Some surrounding states have more liberal laws and people occasionally get into trouble when they purchase fireworks out of state and bring them to Utah.

Wildfires are started by fireworks every year and some do tremendous damage. In an attempt to combat that problem, fireworks are prohibited in National Forests, National Parks, Utah State Parks, most canyon areas, on the benches above most cities and in other areas where there is brush or dried grass. Occasionally, towns will prohibit private fireworks because dry conditions have resulted in a high fire danger.

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