Peterson Trail Rides

Horseback riding guides that will lead you through the gorgeous Tushar Mountain range near Beaver, Utah.

(435) 261-2650
2512 East Highway 153
Beaver, UT 84713

Located in beautiful Beaver, Utah the Tushar mountain range of the Fishlake National Forest offers views second to none. Majestic peaks rising over 12,000 ft. Enjoy the scenic country on horseback and have a unique and safe trail ride.

Horseback Riding Packages

2-hour ride

Short excursion with snacks, beverages and more fun than you can handle.

4-hour ride

An entire morning or afternoon of a relaxing ride through gorgeous mountains with snacks, lunch and beverages.

All-day ride (7-9 hours)

Covers skyline trail-elevations and the most popular option for breathtaking views and backcountry adventures. Includes breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages.

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