Peaks and Canyons Wilderness Trekking

Peaks and Canyons Wilderness Trekking delivers first-rate fully supported and customized wilderness adventures within southeast Utah. They have the permits, they provide the shuttle, and they are certified Wilderness First Responders with years of outdoor leadership. Contact Peaks and Wilderness Trekking to schedule your trek.

View Website (970) 317-2251
(970) 317-2251
Meets at various locations
Durango, CO 81302

When adventuring with Peaks and Canyons Wilderness Trekking, you will get their knowledge of and love for southeast wilderness as it has developed from the ancient culture, mining history, and Wilderness Act. They bring great gear for your comfort, delicious hot food with specific needs catered, and a personal experience derived from their high support:client ratio.

Let Peaks and Canyons Wilderness Trekking guide you through some of the Earth’s most beautiful land in the Four Corners. The beauty of southeast Utah will dazzle you. Sleep under the stars where the Ancestral Puebloans and mountaineers have slumbered. Fill your lungs with clean and wild air. Be inspired by nature’s expansive horizons. Schedule your adventure with Peaks and Canyons Wilderness Trekking.

Canyon Treks

Grand Gulch: Government to Collins

Grand Gulch: Kane to Bullet

Grand Gulch: Kane to Government

Grand Gulch: Kane to Collins

Grand Gulch: Bullet to Collins

Cedar Mesa : Fish & Owl

Cedar Mesa : Emigrant Trail

Paria River Canyon

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