Ogden Valley

Ogden Valley is a beautiful mountain valley bisected by the Ogden River, in the mountains east of Ogden City. The rural communities of Eden and Huntsville are located here.

Ogden Valley is a hub for recreational activities. Major attractions here include:

Pineview Reservoir offers outstanding opportunities for boating, fishing and other water sports. The Ogden River provides very good trout fishing from the reservoir down through Ogden Canyon into Ogden City. The South Fork of the Ogden River, located above the reservoir, a blue-ribbon trout stream, is attractive to fly fishermen.

Nice, modern campgrounds can be found at the reservoir and along the South Fork of the Ogden River (along Hwy 39.

The Monte Cristo Mountains, east of Ogden Valley, feature an extensive network of snowmobile trails. During summer, these mountains provide excellent trails for horseback riding. They are also a favorite area for backcountry camping and hiking.

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