Observation Point Canyon

This is a lesser known slot canyon for advanced canyoneers located within Zion National Park. It features several long rappels, the longest being 300 feet. This canyon requires a permit.

Length: 6.5 to 9 hours
Location: Weeping Rock Trailhead, Zion National Park
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Longest rappel: 300 ft (92 m)



Access to the route begins at Zion National Park at the Weeping Rock trailhead — which also leads to the Observation Point and Hidden Canyon (currently closed) hikes. A permit is required for this route as well as experienced canyoneering skills such as anchor building, competence on long rappels, and extensive downclimbing. Check the weather before heading out. If there is a chance of rain, do not enter the canyon. There may be a chance of flash flooding.

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