Natural History Museum of Utah

301 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

The Natural History Museum of Utah is not only an architectural jewel, but it is one of the finest natural history museums in the country. The museum continues to connect Utah residents and tourists with the natural landscapes and cultures of Utah. They house more than 1.5 million specimens and objects.

Daily 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Wednesdays open until 9:00 p.m.


Regular Pricing
Adult: $14.95
Senior: $12.95
Young adult: $12.95
Child: $9.95
Child 2 and under: FREE
Museum Members: FREE
University of Utah Students, Faculty and Staff with Valid ID: FREE

Permanent Exhibitions
The Natural History Museum of Utah has ten permanent exhibitions that are worth revisiting over and over again to continue a life-long learning experience of Utah's landscapes and cultures. You can spend hours diving deep into one exhibition, or spend hours breezing through all of them at once. The museums exhibits are interactive and dynamic. Visit the website for a full description of each exhibit.

Want to know what makes the seasons, how a star is born or hang out on the Sky terrace? This is your exhibit.

Native Voices
The Museum consulted Utah's Indian community to best depict Native American art and culture of this area's indigenous people.

Explore the web of life from DNA to Ecosystems while learning the specifics of Utah's biological diversity.

Take a geological journey through Utah's three physiographic regions: Middle Rocky Mountains, Basin and Range, and Colorado Plateau.

First Peoples
Learn about the Great Basin's prehistoric peoples through a reconstruction of an actual archeological dig site.

Gems and Minerals
You've never seen anything so pretty. Examine rough mineral forms and elegant cut gemstones for hours on end.

Great Salt Lake
History of the Great Salt Lake, remnant of Lake Bonneville. You can even get a great view of the lake itself!

Past Worlds

Our Backyard
Live bugs and a pond/stream area for kids to play in. Naturalists are practically born here.

Utah Futures
Participate in games where you can see results of your everyday activities on your environment.

Special Exhibits
The museum's special exhibitions are always favorites with the locals and tourists alike. In the past, exhibits have educated children and adults about chocolate, horses in present and ancient cultures, extreme mammals and other delightful topics. Visit the website for information on current and upcoming exhibits.

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