Natural Areas

Sure, Utah has some pretty neat National Parks. But we would never think to limit ourselves. Utah is also home to a lesser-known but extremely prolific dinosaur fossil quarries, the flat-as-a-pancake Salt Flats where world land speed records are set, a rugged section of the historic Pony Express Trail and many other fascinating areas.


The Wave

Your photos will be incredible. Like, your credibility will literally be called into question.


The Gateway to Bears Ears

3 Mind-Blowing Southcentral Utah Sites

5 in 5 Days?

An itinerary for visiting all 5 Utah National Parks - in 5 days. Woah.


The Gateway to Bears Ears

San Rafael Swell

A ruggedly beautiful pocket of terrain and one of the Super 6 destinations

Stay in SLC

Free gas or free fun. You choose when you book 2+ nights.


The Gateway to Bears Ears

Mule Canyon

Explore this family-friendly oasis to ancient ruins

Utah's Everywhere

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Bear Lake

Look for the "Bear Lake Monster"

Bonneville Salt Flats


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