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Ridge Trail 157

Salt Lake Trails

Trail Head: 40.532872, -111.571866
Trail Type: Biking
Tread: Singletrack
Difficulty: Technical
Length: 12 miles

Ridge Trail 157 is the alter ego to the Salt Lake City area's Wasatch Crest Trail. Like the Wasatch Crest, Ridge Trail 157 is a world-class single-track located in the heart of the Wasatch Range. It requires strong legs and acclimated lungs to tackle the numerous climbs, and it calls for advanced riding skills to handle the technical descents. And like the Wasatch Crest Trail, Ridge Trail 157 is part of the longer Great Western Trail, which runs from Canada to Mexico--right through the middle of Utah. Ridge Trail 157 excels in mountain scenery, too. The Alpine Ridge, which connects the Lone Peak Wilderness Area with Snowbird Resort and Alta Ski Area, defines the ragged northern skyline. As the ride progresses and the Alpine Ridge recedes to the north, Mount Timpanogos strikes a noble pose to the south, declaring its presence as the uncontested monarch of American Fork Canyon.

Alpine Loop Summit

(40.430905, -111.614162)
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