Capitol Reef National Park Biking

Four designated roads throughout Capitol Reef National Park allow visitors to experience the splashes of colors via bike. Bicycles are not allowed off road, washes, closed roads, or other trails to protect the fragile desert environment. Bring plenty of water, as water is difficult to find on all routes. Reservations may be required; so check with the visitor's center for availability. For overnight trips, camping is allowed in three designated campgrounds or along nearby BLM or USFS lands.

A handout available at the visitor center identifies and describes recommended routes.

Scenic Drive

A beautiful 1-25 mile ride which is rated easy/moderate for biking. The road is paved with occasional sandy and rocky places that may be rough. You must return on the same road, so the length of your ride depends on where you turn around. Recommended during the morning or evening when traffic is reduced or during the off season, because of narrow roads and heavy traffic.

Cathedral Valley Loop

A long 60 plus mile loop and rated strenuous for some steep sections. The loop is located in one of the more remote areas of the park. The road consists of dirt, sand, bentonite clay, and rocky surfaces. This ride is best done during the spring and fall seasons because of the hot temperatures in the summer.

South Draw Road

  Options for 12, 22 or 52 miles of road riding and is rated strenuous due to very steep hills. The trail consists of sandy, rocky, and dirt surfaces, and crosses several creeks that may be muddy. The trail is not recommended during winter and spring months because of the deep snow that may make the route impassable. Good breaks are needed for the steep hills.

Burr Trail

An 80-125 mile route that is rated strenuous for biking up steep climbs. Parts of the trail are paved with stretches that are sandy and graded dirt. The trail carries you through narrow, flat, and steep areas that are in and around the park.
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