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Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail or “BST” is one of the most accessible trails in the Wasatch. Ridable at most times of the year (if its snowy bring a fat bike) it makes it a great option for those pre-work outing or quick lunch time sprint.

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Salt Lake City Proper

Trail Head: 40.9874, -111.79979
Trail Type: Biking
Tread: Singletrack
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.5 miles

LOCATION : Salt Lake City Proper
DISTANCE : 10.5 miles
ELEVATION : 1,350ft
TECHNICAL LEVEL: 2 (on a scale of 1-5, 5 being very technical, rocky, rooty and requires high skill levels)
TIME : 60 minutes point to point (1h 30min looping back through the Avenues)
BEST TIME TO RIDE : Any time of year although the summer can be hot!
STRAVA SEGMENT TITLE : “BST - Zoo 2 City Creek stay high”

"My favorite way to ride it starts from the Hogle Zoo Trail Head (found across from the Hogle Zoo’s
east edge) and ends in City Creek Canyon. This version give you a variety of climbing, simple
technical features, as well as one of the most ripping descents finishing in City Creek Canyon
directly above downtown Salt Lake City - just be sure to be courteous to those coming up the
trail. You’ll also witness the best views of the SLC Valley taking in downtown, the Wasatch range
highlighted by Mt. Olympus, as well as the Oquirrh Mountain Range to the West, and as far down
as Draper City." -Thomas Bender, professional cyclist

Farmington Canyon Trailhead

(40.9874, -111.79979)

From Farmington pond park to firebreak road. 2.5 miles

Little Valley Road Trailhead

(40.966925, -111.872992)

Go up Little Valley Road and follow the trail south just above the small gravel pit. 3.9 miles

Parrish Canyon Trailhead

(40.924275, -111.865379)

Take the high trail south to the retention pond at Deuel Creek Canyon. 2.2 miles

Bountiful "B" Trailhead (paved)

(40.895351, -111.845366)

Continue south past the "B" on Eagleridge Dr. The trail has not been completed through this area and you will be on roads. 6 miles.

Trailhead Park

(40.82614, -111.896664)

At the end of Eaglepointe Dr. take the dirt road souoth on the bench. Go past the radio towers on the peak. Take switchbacks into City Creek Canyon. 5.6 miles

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