Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Utah is an endless-crazy-fun adventure. Head to the mountains or red rock desert trails with your family, your sidekicks or you and your solo-hardcore self. Singletracks, dirt roads, steep climbs and rolling hills dominate the state's beautiful landscape. Mountain biking is an invigorating and intimate way to experience the west. Read more...



Downhill of the Gods

Experience riding in Cedar City


White Rim, The Maze, & More

Bike with Holiday River Expeditions

Things to Do

Bike, Hike, & Climb

Joe's Valley


Ruby's Guided Tours

Let the pros show you the way


San Juan County

Explore the limitless tracks of rarely visited double and single trails


Snowbird Mountain Biking

Explore 7.5 miles of the most scenic riding on the Big Mountain Trail


Heber Valley

A bikers paradise




A Utah bike trip will color your thinking forever, whether it's a wide open desert ride with spectacular red rock vistas or a lush green mountain trail lined with yellow wild flowers. Utah developed a world class reputation from Moab's famous Slickrock Trail and is fast becoming known for wonderfully diverse alpine mountain biking, including lift-served access at some ski resorts. And you don't have to be a shin-scarred off-road radical to enjoy Utah on wheels.

All you need is a love for beautiful scenery and invigorating outdoor activity.

For example, the quaint resort town of Park City features literally hundreds of inviting trails that lead riders past colorful vestiges of the area's silver mining history into the Wasatch Mountain range. Many of these trails are accessible via the very same lifts that take skiers throughout the area's three resorts in wintertime.

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