Midway Ice Castles

Make the most of the winter season by strolling through twinkling, hand-crafted ice castles, arches, towers and tunnels at the Midway Ice Castles.

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(435) 315-2069
700 Homestead Drive
Midway, UT 84049

The Midway Ice Castles will have you awestruck from the time you arrive up until the end of your visit. Before you enter the enchanted ice castles, you'll be entertained with a fire show where you'll witness fire-breathing, spinning hula and more. Once you enter, you'll see breathtaking ice castles that weigh about 25,000,000 pounds each!

To make the experience even more fairytale-like, you can meet the enchanted frozen sisters. These ice princesses love to pose for photos with you and help make your experience just that more magical.

In order to make these ice castles possible, each day thousands of icicles are placed in freezing temperatures and sprayed with water which makes the icicles grow up to 20 tons per night. The artisans do this each day to create the phenomenal sculptures and ice castles for visitors to enjoy.

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