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Irish home cooking

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MacCool's may be hard to explain, but it is easy to enjoy! It is an eclectic gathering
place where creative down home cooking has been influenced by the Irish, yet
perfected by American know-how. 'There are no strangers here...only friends who
have not met!' MacCool's Public House is an Irish pub-style family restaurant for ALL
to enjoy!

The name relinquishes the story of Finn MacCool who was a warrior leading the
Fianna army of Ireland and a poet spreading words of wisdom throughout the island.
One of many myths of Finn link his inspiration to the 'Knights of the Round Table' with
King Arthur. A community gathering place began as a 'public house'. Friends and
neighbors met to share food, companionship and stories. Everyone was welcome,
even passing visitors stopped in to relax and savor the samplings!

'Cead Mile Failte' is a Gaelic saying that translates to 100,000 welcomes and
epitomizes the tones set at MacCool's. From the moment one opens the inviting red
door to see the flickering fire place, the warm and friendly atmosphere has begun!
MacCool's has recreated the sense of Irish dining and created openness with various
seating areas with much of the furnishings and artifacts that arrived from the Emerald
Island. From furniture to fixtures, wall tones to overtones; the interior unfolds with
blended concepts of a country cottage, Victorian era, Gaelic emphasis and a pub shop
of bar influences. The unique identity is exemplified by amazing floor variations, colors,
furnishings and crafted collectibles that tell many stories.

Much thought and expression has been placed in the ingredients and preparation for
the 'home cooking' menu. The aromas and energy expands from an open kitchen to
prelude flavors and tastes of 'comfort food'! Appetizer selections like house cured and
smoked salmon (gravlox) and house roasted lamb for quesadilla begin the quality
menu. Hearty soups and salads make wonderful preludes to vast sandwich and burger
choices. Irish entrées and stews - as in documented fish and chips and chicken pot
pie - create difficult selection decisions upon noticing hearty meat loaf with an owner secret
recipe barbecue sauce and lasagna made from scratch - even the ricotta
cheese! Your palate awaits...

The staff members of MacCool's team are smiling and relaxed to exemplify a casual,
friendly atmosphere for guests to enjoy. Ask them about our signature 'black & Finn' -
30% Guinness draft layered on top of 70% Tetley's - black & tan of MacCool's! Catch
the game on HDTV, slide some discs on the shuffleboard table or sail some darts to
the bullseye...or just relax in an inviting, fun ambiance for casual and attractive
sociability while enjoying a menu yielding fresh ingredients, wholesome recipes and an
Irish flare! 'Slainte' - cheers, you have arrived home!

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