Outdoor Adventures

This is why we live here--access to the outdoors is unmatched. Trails are our etched in our DNA; canyons are our lungs; river rapids are our veins. Let us show you how to adventure through this state we call home.

Utah's outdoor adventures are as endless as an old-school . Truly. Plan on coming back again and again and again. Want to go to Moab? Zion? Grand Staircase-Escalante? Bear Lake? Flaming Gorge? You can bike, hike, camp, ride rapids, climb, explore national parks, go on star gazing excursions, offroad in a jeep, trail run...oh ya, and you can mountain bike, boat, waterski, ski, ice climb, snowshoe, cross-country ski, and on and on and on. See? It's a lot. So where the freakin'-heck do you start? We've got you. Read our trip reports, itineraries and suggestions. We'll get you started, and after your 87th visit here, you might have an idea of what you can do in this playground.


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