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How to explore Utah when you've got baby in a backpack, a toddler running faster than you, a teenager going on scientist, and a significant other who's been dying to see the stars sans city lights.

We're firm believers that family comes first...especially when you need to check off some very important personal bucket list items, and you're finally sleeping through the night. Time to throw all those littles in the car, and encourage (partly force?) them to trade screen time for serene time in the great(est) outdoors. Hikes, Bikes, theater (yes, a little culture for those dirt-eating kiddos never hurt anyone), which restaurants will serve your pickiest eater the blandest butter and spaghetti until food coma settles in and takes the edge off. Read on if you like Utah and you like your family. If you don't like Utah or your family, we might be able to direct you to the deepest darkest canyon of solitude.


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