Land Art in Utah

Jan 24, 2019

Pop quiz: What does a spiral jetty, a few sun tunnels and the Tree of Utah all have in common? Answer: they're all land art formations found around Utah. Places where artists felt compelled to dig out little piece of the landscape and call it their own. There's no way you were going to guess that, we're pretty sure.

The Spiral Jetty


Artist Robert Smithson needed something productive to do. Thus, a giant art piece was born in 1970. The spiral's coil is 1,500 feet long and approximately 15 feet wide. The jetty disappears and reappears depending on lake water levels--drought years bring it out for all to see. It’s a bit of a trek to see it, but you’ll probably get the most Instagram likes you’ve ever had after you post a pic of this prehistoric landscape.

Spiral Jetty/photo courtesy Matt VanHorn

Sun Tunnels

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