Jacob Canyon

A permit is required for this slot canyon. It is a long and lovely route with some big rappels, so you’ll want to start early. As this is also a difficult route, you’ll want to be an experienced canyoneer with anchor finding skills, good downclimbing skills (especially on loose rock) and long-rappel skills.

Length: 10 to 14 hours
Location: Zion Lodge trailhead, Zion National Park
Difficulty: Difficult
Longest rappel: 240 ft (73 m)



The trail to the slot canyon is accessed from the Zion Lodge trailhead. To access the canyon, hike to the summit of Lady Mountain where you’ll have a stunning view of Zion. The approach is steep with lots of loose and exposed rock and requires some difficult scrambling. The route itself has both long and short rappels, some into tree brush (watch out for poison ivy at the bottom). This slot canyon does not contain water, so wetsuits are not required. You’ll exit the canyon at the floor of Court of the Patriarchs.

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