Hot Air Ballooning in Utah

Think of it like a Sunday drive in the sky: slow, peaceful and basically just the thing to view it all. Ballooning events occur throughout the year, throughout the state. Lucky you. Read more...




Hot air balloon flights have grown in popularity throughout the world, the reasons being numerous. The sensation of complete freedom, tranquility, adventure and romance all come to mind. While these feelings are part of every balloon flight, the truly unforgettable balloon flights combine both the magic of ballooning with a spectacular landscape. The Canyonlands surrounding Moab provides this ingredient without question. Drifting 3,000 feet above the Arches and slickrock or floating only inches above unexplored buttes, it becomes obvious why the Canyonlands are so coveted by travelers and the movie industry alike.

Wind-flows around and through Canyonlands are similar to the great rivers which formed this geologic wonderland. Wind speed may increase in the narrow canyons only to fade away in the open plains. Sandstone rocks and towers cause currents and eddies to form. When utilized, these subtleties can adjust your flights final destination. Climbing in altitude is like stepping into a different river. The air currents may move in perpendicular directions or reverse course altogether. Ultimately, Mother Nature is the acting air traffic controller and the pilot controls your direction by changing altitude. Only by taking to the skies can you appreciate the beautiful intricacies of the two national parks in this area.

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