Bryce Canyon Horseback Riding

Bryce Canyon Overview

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Trail riders in this area can penetrate into the heart of the Bryce Canyon amphitheater, follow the tracks of Butch Cassidy and other outlaw through scenic Red Canyon, or explore miles of remote country on top the Paunsaguant Plateau.

Ebenezer Bryce, an early rancher in the area, described his namesake canyon as a "helluva place to lose a cow." Not much has changed since then - Bryce's orange/pink spires and hoodoos define a maze of narrow passages that are exciting to explore on horseback.

Popular places to ride include Red Canyon with its towering pine trees and Bryce-like rock formations, and Paunsaguant Plateau which is heavily forested, and has view points overlooking colorful canyon country.

This diversity of opportunity makes the Bryce area a wonderful choice for adventure on horseback.

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