Weeping Rock - Zion

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Zion Hiking Trails

Trail Head: 37.271047, -112.937425
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.4 mile round trip

A short hike from the road takes you to the verdant gardens of Weeping Rock. The destination of the hike is the moss and fern-covered eave of an overhanging cliff. Dozens of tiny cascades of water drizzle their way over the edge of the precipice, making their way down to the pools of water below. The hike itself is leisurely at most, short, though decently steep—with approximately 100 feet of elevation gain. Though one of the easier hikes in the canyon, this trail is too narrow for wheelchairs, and not recommended for strollers.

Weeping Rock Trailhead

(37.271047, -112.937425)

The trailhead is in Zion Canyon and is a major stop on the shuttle route. It serves as trailhead for several hikes, including the East Rim, Hidden Canyon and Observation Point. There are restrooms but no drinking water at the trailhead.

Weeping Rock

(37.271879, -112.936969)

Weeping Rock is famous for the trickling streams of water and the hanging gardens of ferns and mosses that turn an ordinary sandstone canyon into a green paradise.

Great White Throne

(37.263758, -112.94071)

The tremendous majesty of the Great White Throne towers over Weeping Rock alongside Cable Mountain.

Cable Mountain

(37.268314, -112.933094)

Directly to the east of the Great White Throne, Cable Mountain rises up above Weeping Rock's tiny garden beauty.

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