Many Pools

A less-crowded alternative to Emerald Pools

Zion Hiking Trails

Trail Head: 37.22183, -112.91495
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.3 miles

If you want an unearthly experience without the hassle of space travel, then might we introduce you to a hike with more nicknames than that cool kid at your high school: Many Pools Trail, aka The Route Canals, aka The Root Canals, aka The Twins, aka Puddle Jumper (we just made that one up). It’s on the east side of the park along UT-9 — not on the shuttle route — and it’s made up of a pair of drainages with fascinating pothole formations running alongside. It’s rated “moderately strenuous,” meaning bring your Patagonia-wearing, Chaco-tan-lined children along with you. Catch this one in the spring during runoff or after a rainstorm and you’ll see some pretty incredible stuff.

Alcove (Turnaround)

(37.23129, -112.91684)
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