Hiking-Kayenta Trail

Kayenta Trail is located in the most visited part of the park, against the west wall of Zion Canyon, between the Emerald Pools and Big Bend. It is not a long trail, or a difficult one, but Kayenta Trail is vital, because placed where it is, it links many of the different Zion Canyon hikes together. Through the Kayenta Trail, the Emerald Pools are linked to the Grotto, which is in turn linked to Angels Landing, which takes hikers along part of the East Rim Trail. It is not very steep, or very demanding, but gives great views of the Emerald Pools during the Spring runoff.

Trail Head: 37.260168, -112.951566
Trail Type: Hiking
Length: .89 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Kayenta Trailhead

The trailhead is located across the bridge from the Grotto picnic area. the Kayenta trail begins a slight climb up the foothills below Mount Moroni, along the west wall of Zion Canyon, before leveling out along the shelf and following it south into the little canyon where the Emerald Pools are located.

Grotto Picnic Area

The Grotto is a good place to use as a base of operations for a hike along the Kayenta Trail. There is shade, and plenty of water, which makes it not only pleasant, but life-sustaining. By using the Emerald Pools and the Grotto Trail in conjunction with the Kayenta route, hikers can follow an enjoyable circular hike, winding up back at the Grotto picnic area again.

Emerald Pools

The Emerald Pools have three levels, the Lower, Middle, and Upper Pools, and all three are accessible from the Kayenta Trail. The trail links the Grotto to the Middle Pool, which leads both to the Upper and Lower Pools in turn.

Angels Landing

Arguably one of the most famous day-hikes in Utah, this steep route takes hikers 1,488 feet above the canyon floor, to the edge of one of the most dramatic spires in the National Parks system.

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