Uinta Highline Trail

Vernal Hiking Trails

Trail Head: 40.776017, -109.816669
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Technical
Length: 78 miles

Simply stated, this is not only the great mountain trail of Utah, it's one of the best in the nation. It can begin at Leidy Peak on the east end, the trailhead described above, or at Mirror Lake on State Route 150 on the west end. It travels more than 70 miles, almost always above 10,000 feet, and almost always above timberline, along the crest of the High Uintas. It crosses the east-west extent of the High Uintas Wilderness. What hikers see is the very best of alpine and subalpine Utah. The Highline Trail can be taken in bit-size pieces by going up numerous drainages that contain side trails, hiking a portion of the Highline, and dropping down another drainage. But an end to end hike has massive appeal for someone willing to do the planning and preparation.

Leidy Peak Trailhead

(40.776017, -109.816669)

Mirror Lake Highway Trailhead

(40.722097, -110.863396)
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