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Round Valley Draw

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Escalante Hiking Trails

Trail Head: 37.456001, -111.901099
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.25 roundtrip

Round Valley Draw is an awesome slot canyon hidden in the wilderness to the southeast of Cannonville and the Kodachrome Basin State Park, within the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Though short, this spectacular slot is partially enclosed for a large portion of the route, seeming more like a spelunking adventure than a canyoneering trip at times. The canyon walls are beautifully striated, and loom well overhead, creating a tunnel-like darkness.

Round Valley Draw Trailhead

(37.456001, -111.901099)

Located where the road crosses over the creek bed and climbs back up on the south side, it is sometimes possible to drive up the creek even farther, almost to the point where the slot canyon begins—dependent upon the weather and trail conditions.

Entrance to the Slots

(37.452288, -111.912821)

At this point the ground opens up, and canyoneers literally descend into a crack in the ground as if entering a system of caves.

Mesa Ascent

(37.446863, -111.927145)

Still three quarters of a mile from the confluence of Round Valley Draw and Hackberry Creek, the canyon opens up and the trail climbs the north wall, up to the mesa above for a quick return to the trailhead.

Hackberry Creek-Round Valley Draw Confluence

(37.435924, -111.929908)

Though the slot canyon has already ended before this point, the canyon itself continues down to Hackberry Creek, which then winds down into Cottonwood Creek.

Mesa Descent

(37.453493, -111.916625)

For those visitors that decided not to hike back through the slot canyon, but ascended the mesa to the north, they can climb back down at this point, reaching the draw just southwest of the ford and parking area.

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