Moab Hiking Trails


Pick your path. Ya, ya, the journey is important, but so is the destination. If you’re gonna hoof it more than a few miles (in the desert) you probably want to make sure the view at the end of the trail is pretty friggin’ awesome. The good news? There’s no bad destinations in Moab. Pick a trail. Any trail.

Best seasons for hiking this Jurassic landscape of the most beautiful desolation you’ll ever encounter? Spring and fall. During the summer months, seek out shady canyons (check the weather for flash flood warnings); during the winter, pray you get to witness the most gentle snowfall on red rock country. Full list of Moab hiking trails.


Fisher Towers (4.4 miles roundtrip)
Hunters Canyon (4 miles roundtrip)

Corona & Bowtie Arches (3 miles roundtrip)
Morning Glory Bridge (5 miles roundtrip)

Arches National Park Hiking Trails
Canyonlands National Park Hiking Trails



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