Little Death Hollow

Little Death Hollow is an eight-mile canyon in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument that includes an awesome section of slot canyon.

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Escalante Trails

Trail Head: 37.784427, -111.179863
Trail Type: Hiking
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 16 mile roundtrip

The trailhead is located in the Little Death Hollow, in the Circle Cliffs area just south of the Wolverine Petrified Wood Natural Area. In order to get there, canyoneers must follow the Burr Trail east from the town of Boulder for 18.4 miles until just after Long Canyon, when they reach the Wolverine Loop Road that heads south into Circle Cliff country. From there, the dirt road will take them 12.6 miles down into the Circle Cliffs, past the Wolverine Petrified Wood Natural Area, and to the trailhead of Little Death Hollow.

The hike takes visitors through Little Death Hollow, through the slot canyon, and then to the confluence of Horse Canyon. From there, the plan is generally to turn around and hike another 8 miles back up the canyon and to the vehicles. But there are alternative routes.

Wolverine Loop Road at Little Death Hollow

(37.784427, -111.179863)

After the Wolverine Petrified Wood Natural Area, the Wolverine Loop Road zigzags east and then south, and into the valley before the entrance to the canyon of Little Death Hollow.

Horse Canyon-Little Death Hollow Confluence

(37.737622, -111.258832)

Marking the end of Little Death Hollow, the slot canyon widens, and after a few miles, pours into the winding current of Horse Canyon. This is the point at which most people turn back if they haven’t already when the slot canyon ended. However, there are two other options here—continuing downstream along Horse Canyon will shortly take hikers to the Escalante River, and turning upstream in Horse Canyon will lead hikers to Wolverine Creek, and the loop route back to the vehicles at the head of Little Death Hollow.

Escalante River

(37.718723, -111.267546)

The Escalante River lies only 2.73 miles southwest of the confluence of Horse Canyon and Little Death Hollow, with access to places such as Choprock and Neon Canyons.

Horse Canyon-Wolverine Creek Confluence

(37.757949, -111.259553)

Another alternative to hiking back the way they came in is to head north up Horse Creek at the Little Death Hollow confluence, and then to turn into Wolverine Creek, the first major confluence after that. This route would make the total trip 17.5 miles long, requiring hikers to hike the length of Wolverine Creek, exiting at the head of the canyon below the Wolverine Petrified Wood Natural Area.

Circle Cliffs

(37.780851, -111.229788)

The Circle Cliffs herd the many streams of the Wagon Box Mesa highland area west of Capitol Reef National Park down toward the Escalante, through deep, narrow slot canyons and gorges. Wolverine Creek joins Horse Canyon from above Little Death Hollow, just to the west of the Wolverine Petrified Wood, and makes up the return leg of the Little Death Hollow-Wolverine Creek loop route.

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