Lisa Falls

A super-short, rocky and crowded hike leads to a beautiful waterfall. The climb to the upper falls is only recommended for experienced climbers with proper gear.

Trail Type: Hiking
Length: 0.45 miles roundtrip
Location: Little Cottonwood Canyon
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Change: 120 feet

This popular hike cuts through the trees and the trail is flanked by lots of rocks and boulders. You’ll climb up a steep hill until the trees open up and you see a large boulder/mountain face with the waterfall streaming down it. This waterfall falls into a little pool — which you have to climb over a boulder or two to see.


Upper Falls

To the right of the waterfalls, there are climbing bolts for those wanting to get to the upper falls. Do not attempt this climb unless you have the proper gear and experience. Every year there are reports of accidents and deaths from people overestimating their abilities and underestimating the danger of the slippery rocks. Please stay safe.

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