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Pothole Point Trail

This trail loops around an area of slickrock where there are numerous potholes. These basins in the sandstone retain water after storms. The trail offers great views of The Needles in the distance. Incredible photos can be taken with the canyonlands scenery reflected off the glassy surface of water in the potholes.

Trail Head: 38.1702, -109.807
Trail Type: Hiking
Length: 0.6 miles round trip
Difficulty: Easy


The trailhead is located along the Big Spring Overlook road in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park, near the end of the road.

Far point on Loop

Visitors can hike along the established trail, or just poke around the slickrock. The official hike is short and easy. You are welcome to explore around on the rock if you are careful to avoid stepping in life-giving potholes.

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