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Hiking-Peekaboo Trail

This trail runs between the Squaw Flat Campground and the Peekaboo Campground, in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow. It runs through a maze of sandstone canyons and provides extraordinary views of classic Canyonlands scenery. Minor scrambling is required to climb up ridges. Hikers ascend or descend wooden ladders in two spots.

Trail Head: 38.1436, -109.803
Trail Type: Hiking
Length: 10 miles round trip
Difficulty: Strenuous

Most visitors do this as an out-and-back hike from Squaw Flat. It can also be hiked one way with a shuttle. It intersects with trails in Squaw Canyon and Lost Canyon, providing opportunities to explore these areas.


Squaw Flat Trailhead

This trailhead is located near the Squaw Flat Campground, just off the main access road in the Needles District of Canyonlands. From there it heads SE, across slickrock flats and into and out of washes and canyons.

Lost Canyon

The trail crosses Lost Canyon, one of the few spots with a reliable stream and associated vegetation and wildlife. You can find precious shade trees along this stream, making it an ideal oasis for a lunch stop or extended break.

From the trail junction here, the Peekaboo trail continues SE to the Peekaboo Trailhead. The Lost Canyon Trail drops to the SW and then loops back to join the Squaw Canyon south of the Squaw Flat Trailhead. These interconnecting trails provide a variety of hiking options.

Peekaboo Trailhead

The Peekaboo Trailhead is located in Upper Salt Creek Canyon. It can be reached via a sandy 4X4 road. A permit is required to drive to this trailhead.

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